Daneke George

Hi! These are my hardware and software tech uses. Thx https://uses.tech/ for idea.

Note: there would be referral links, hope its ok!


  • MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021), M1 Pro, 32 RAM, 512GB SSD + Mac Mini (M1)

  • DELL U2717D (27-inch)

  • Apple Magic Keyboard + Trackpad

  • AirPods Pro - live noise cancellation!

  • Logitech MX Master 3

  • Yubikey 5C NFC for security and 2FA


For development:

  • IDE: PHPStorm with plugins,

    • Github Copilot as AI suggestions

    • Laravel Idea

    • Laravel

    • Laravel Query

    • Inertia.js Support

    • PHP Annotations

    • Php Inspections (EA Extended)

    • Prettier

    • WakaTime

    • Collector

    • Fira Code Font

  • Local env: Laravel Valet with PHP Monitor to switch PHP versions or sometimes Docker via Laravel Sail

  • (S)FTP: FileZilla

  • S3/Object storage: Cyberduck + Cryptomator

  • Git GUI client: fork.dev

  • Toggl Time Tracker

  • Databases: TablePlus

  • HTTPie to test APIs

  • tinyPNG4Mac to compress images

  • Terminal: Warp

  • Hosting

  • For web-site building:

    • Laravel

    • Vue.js

    • Livewire

    • FilamentPHP

For daily life:

  • Time Out for breaks during work

  • DeepL for translations

  • Raycast - instead of built-in spotlight

  • Password manager: Bitwarden

  • Observe to track where I spent time on my mac

  • LuLu for MacOS firewall

  • Signal.Telegram/Slack/Whatsapp for IM

  • Maccy - Clipboard manager which does one job - keep your copy history at hand

  • tailscale + Outline for VPN and to share with my friends

  • Apple Reminders and Tweek for tasks/reminders

  • Apple Mail and Calendar as app's on my Mac

  • qBitttorent for torrents

  • Apple Time Machine for backups via Umbrel on my Raspberry Pi 4

  • Gmail and Fastmail for emails and email for my domain's

  • VLC and Jellyfin for videos

  • Hidemail.app - to protect my privacy and prevent any spam

  • Zenmoney to track expenses and income

  • Greeninvoice for taxes and invoices (only relevant for my country)

  • Where to buy domains? porkbun.com

  • Screenshot tool: Shottr

  • Notes and everything: Apple Notes

  • Tip: Learn how to type fast with www.ratatype.com